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3600mm Corrugated Paper Machine


3600mm Corrugated Paper Machine is for 190t/d high-strength corrugated paper making, the corrugated paper machine parameter is following:

Corrugated Paper Machine Parameter

Paper Type: High-strength corrugated paper

Base Weigth: 90-160g/m2

Trimmed Width: 3600mm

Capacity: 190t/d

Working Speed: 300-460m/min

Design Speed: 500m/min

Corrugated Paper Machine Parts

Headbox: Headbox Outlet Width: 4050mm; Feed Pulp Concentration: 0.50-0.90%

Wire Section: Wire Width:4200mm; Dryness after Wire: ≥20%

Press Section: Felt Design Tension: 5kN/m; Dryness after Press: ≥43%

Dryer Section: 48 sets of dryer cylinder (diameter 1500mm); Dryers max working pressure:0.4Mpa; Paper Dryness: 92%

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