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3600mm Fourdrinier Multi-Cylinder Corrugated Paper Machine


3600mm Fourdrinier Multi-Cylinder Paper Machine is for 100tpd, 90-220g/m² high-strength corrugated paper making, the corrugated paper machine details as following.

3600mm Corrugated Paper Machine

Main Product: High strength corrugated paper

Basic Weight: 90-220g/m2

Trimmed Width: 3600mm

Capacity: 100tpd

Working Speed: 250m/min

Design Speed: 280m/min

Crawling Speed: 25m/min

Dynamic balance: 400m/min

Drive Type: AC motor frequency conversion speed subsection drive

3600mm Corrugated Paper Machine Parts

Forming Section: Open type headbox, single fourdrinier forming(net length is 16m);

Press Section: Two large roll diameter press(Φ1350/Φ1350)

Dryer Section: 24 set of Φ1800mm dryer cylinder, arranger form: 8+8+sizing machine+8

Reeling Section: Horizontal pneumatic reel machine

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