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4600mm Corrugated Paper Project Machine

It is said that corrugated paper has great demand in the market and is widely applied. To meet customer needs, our company has designed a 4600mm corrugated paper making line machine. The main benefits are cost reduction and high quality. And customers can get better returns after using it. At the same time, we also provide you with a complete set of pulping machines.

Corrugated Paper Machine Details

Raw material: waste paper
Output paper: high strength corrugated paper, fluting paper
Net paper width: 4600 mm
Output paper weight: 150 – 180gsm
Production capacity: 240t/d
Drive way: AC frequency conversion adjustable speed, section drive

Our company has customers all over the world and they have always paid attention to our products. Leizhan company provides complete set of 4600mm corrugated paper project machine. At the same time, our company has professional engineers, uses the world’s top raw materials, and rationally designs production machines to improve the efficiency and stability of the machines. Welcome email us for more detail.
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