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Advice Of Oil For Paper Machine

The lubrication point of paper machine is closed in principle. The bearing of paper machine wet section from headbox to press section is sealed bearing shell, for the purpose of being impregnated with water, so as to prevent cross pollution with grease overflow.

Lubricate Process

Due to the dryer section of paper machine is in a high operating temperature, so it’s better to adopt central lubricating station. That is transfer lubricant into bearing to lubricate and dissipate heat by pressure. The paper machine dry section lubricant station generally selects the standard general model. And it has strong the ability of oil filtration and oil temperature control, such as magnetic filter and constant temperature control is more suitable.

Analysis Of Lubricant

The current paper board industry is mostly use corrugated paper making machine as main equipment, the crucial lubricate part of corrugated paper machine is roller bearing, its working temperature can reach to over 180℃, the instantaneous temperature is over 230℃. In such a high-temperature environment, ordinary bearing grease has been difficult to meet the lubrication requirements, so special high-temperature lubricant must be selected.

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