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Corrugated Cardboard Making Line

Paper mills can produce high-grade corrugated cardboard with high compressive strength, tensile strength, burst resistance and airtightness by using the high-tech equipment and advanced production line solutions provided by Leizhan.

Corrugated Cardboard Making Details

First, the waste paper is transported to the unpacking machine for paper breaking. Then it is sent to the drum pulper for primary pulping and screening, and a large amount of light impurities are removed by the drum pulper.
Secondly, the pulp will be transported to a high density cleaner to remove heavy impurities such as stones and staples.
Thirdly, the pulp is screened, and the pulp will be conveyed to the coarse screen. The process is: the first stage of Mid consistency coarse screen- the second stage of coarse screen- the third stage of coarse screen- light impurities separator – reject separator – the first stage of fine screen – the second stage of fine screen – the third stage of fine screen – Inclined screen. Among them, the low density cleaner group is applied to remove heavy impurities such as sand in the first level fine screen.
Finally, the pulp is conveyed to the pressure screen before the paper machine and flows into the pressure screen to achieve the fiber homogenization required for papermaking.

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