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Drum Pulper Equipment Operation


In waste paper pulping process, drum pulper is usually used in large capacity production line, so what should be pay attention of drum pulper equipment operation?

Drum Pulper Operation Tips

1. Pulping concentration has an important influence on the content of debris and separation ink. The separation effect of ink also decreases with the increase of pulping concentration, but the reduction is small. The reason for the decrease is that the amount of dilution water received by wet paper is reduced , reducing the fiber’s swelling, thus weakening the separation effect of the ink.

2. Running time is long, ash in the paper will cause screen fouling of screening area, so that the screen holes becomes smaller, affecting the screening efficiency, so depending on the degree of sieve fouling and the increase amount of desslagging to determine the water spray cleaning cycle in high pressure screening area, there must be a reasonable washing cycle and washing method of management system.

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