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Dryer Section Of Paper Machine

There are few paper diseases that are prone to occur in the drying section, generally water droplets, dry screen printing, tape defects due to defects in the dry web, strips and ridges caused by the glue applicator, and live folding of the drying.

How To Deal With Paper Disease?

1. The water evaporated from the paper should be removed in time, otherwise it will condense to cause water droplets. The black water droplets and dry screen printing that appear are all related to this.

2. BM2 single hanging on the wire, due to improper wet chemical chemistry often will stick some debris, which will cause defects on the surface of the paper and cause coating after coating;

3. Polyester dry mesh has a certain service life to be replaced regularly, pay attention to protect the dry wire when handling the paper wrap and other events, the damaged dry wire also has the possibility of destroying the paper page.

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