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Forming Section Of Paper Machine


Paper sheet forming is a very important part in paper making process, without good forming, there is no high quality paper. There are some paper machine forming section details.

Paper Machine Forming Device Improtance

1. Paper sheet forming basically, physical indicators are stable basically.

2. Forming section with the most complex structure, large power consumption, large maintenance.

3. 95% of the water is discharged from paper machine forming section.

Paper Machine Forming Device Roles

1. Get good wet paper sheet.

2. Dehydrate to a certain degree dryness of paper sheet.

Different Types Forming Device

1. Fourdrinier paper machine forming device disadvantage: Single-sided dehydration, big difference of two sides; Large power consumption; Free surface affect the paper quality.

2. Cylinder mould paper machine forming device disadvantage: Dehydration area is small, the speed is not easy to improve affecting by centrifugal force; Easy to produce foam; Fiber longitudinal orientation; Elution effect is not good, big difference of two sides.

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