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High Quality Paper Mill Machinery Cost

As a manufacturer, we offer high quality paper mill machinery with great cost. Our all kinds of equipment convers tissue paper mill machine, kraft paper mill production line equipment, corrugated paper making project machinery, office paper production line, paper board making equipment in paper making line.

High Quality Paper Mill Machinery Cost Details

1. Paper machine
Tissue toilet paper machine: output paper contains tissue paper, toilet paper, facial paper, napkin paper, etc.
Kraft paper making machine: from small to large yield to produce kraft paper, testliner paper, etc.
Corrugated fluting paper equipment: produce corrugated paper, fluting paper, cardboard paper.
Office A4 copy paper machine: various kinds of finish paper, such office paper, writing paper, printing paper, A3 A4 paper, etc.
Paper board production machine: making duplex paper, grey board coated paper
2. Paper pulp making equipment
We have whole paper pulping line machine, stock preparation system, etc.
It is suitable for different raw material, such as wood pulp, pulp board, waste paper, broken paper, chemcial pulp, mechanical pulp, etc.
Equipment: pulper, pressure screen, cleaner, refiner, agitator, etc.
3. Cost: cost-effictive

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