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High Speed Paper Making Machine Price

For paper mill project, we provide high speed paper making machine with attractive price, which covers different kinds of equipment. Besides, we also have stock preparation project and paper pulping system.

High Speed Paper Making Machine Price & Information

1. Kraft paper machine
You can use wood pulp or waste paper as raw material to produce kraft paper, liner paper with trimmed width from 1880mm to 5800mm.
2. Corrugated paper making equipment
Waste paper is mainly used in corrugated paper making line. You can produce corrugated paper or fluting paper, its production capacity can be from 15t/d to 500t/d.
3. Tissue paper making machine
This equipment has various output paper, such as tissue paper, toilet paper, napkin paper, facial paper. And it also can meet different demand, like small yield or large capacity.
4. Cultural paper equipment
It includes office paper machine, copy paper machine, a4 paper machine, writing paper making machine or printing paper equipment.
5. Paper board machine
It can get grey board paper, duplex board paper, coated paper board.
6. Price
Less cost than others, higher quality, better performance, get more finish paper, etc.

In addition to high speed paper making machine, we also supply complete paper production line, paper pulping line, including paper pulper, pressure screen, refiner, etc. About its price and details, welcome to email or message us.

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