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Hot Selling Corrugated Paper Machine Supplier

As packaging paper improved, many paper mills launched high-volume production lines. Our company designs and manufactures hot sale corrugated paper machines based on customer needs and using advanced technology. Therefore, our company’s machine has higher quality and stable operation while reducing your investment.

 Corrugated Paper Machine Details

1. Output paper: high strength corrugated/fluting paper, testliner board paper
2.Basis weight:70 – 180gsm
3. Trimmed width: 2800mm
4. Production capacity: 200t/d
5. Working speed: 500m/min

If you want to produce larger or smaller paper quantities, our engineers can also design the corrugated paper making line machine according to your requirements. We have more details about this corrugated paper machine. No matter what information you want to know about the paper production line, we are always waiting for your contact.Email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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