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How To Avoid Egg Tray Machine Fault

During the working of egg tray making machine, there are two kinds of electrical control. Some electrical control motor operation is relatively simple, some is a little messy. And there is a fact that the less electrical appliances, the lower fault rate.

How To Reduce Machine Fault Rate?

1. In addition, some electrical appliances control the solenoid valve and cylinder, each solenoid valve has a close switch control, the cylinder has a close switch control solenoid valve, and the solenoid valve controls cylinder, the cylinder controls the dehydrated valve, which forms four mutual constraints, and if one doesn’t work will cause a chain reaction that makes egg tray machine unable to operate.

2. In order to reduce the error rate of egg tray machine, it is necessary to reduce the amount of electrical appliances, use pneumatic components as less as possible, the composition of machine should be simple, and use mechanical structure as much as possible to make the machine simple and easy to find faulty to repair.

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