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How To Deal With Dryer Cylinder Shaft Head Wear

When the shaft head of dryer is worn, traditional repair method is to repair the non-standard sleeve, and the combination of non-standard sleeve and shaft diameter is easy to occur problems; disassemble machine, processing and repairing, not only construction period is long, but also the cost is high.

Repair Method With Wear

The more mature and rapid repair method mainly uses the rapid repair of polymer composite materials on the spot. The repair effect and maintenance cost are far better than the traditional repair methods such as surfacing and brush plating. The repair time is fast, the process is simple, and the cost is low. The polymer composite not only ensures 100% contact with the mating surface, but also has the concession property of the material itself, so that its ability to resist shock and vibration is much higher than that of the metal material which cannot be repelled, and expands and contracts with the expansion and contraction of the inner ring of the bearing. Minimizes the possibility of wear and tear, ensuring that the equipment is operating properly and even beyond normal service life.

How To Manipulate

1. Mold processing: making standard open molds (bilateral or unilateral positioning);
2. Surface treatment: oil, polishing, cleaning, to ensure that the surface is clean, dry and strong;
3. Blending materials: accurate proportion, uniform and even;
4. The application of materials: to ensure bonding, filling and thickness;
5. Install the mold: apply the release agent and fix it to ensure that the excess material is squeezed out;
6. Demoulding: after curing, disassemble the mold to clean the excess material and the material can’t be knocked. It can be removed by tools such as sander and file to meet the installation requirements.

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