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How To Increase Paper Dry Strength

A class of fine chemicals used to enhance the strength of paper and paperboard is called papermaking reinforcing agent. Paper reinforcing agents can be classified into dry strength agents and wet strength agents according to different effects, and the reinforcing mechanism is also different.

Dry Strength Agents For Papermaking

1. Currently used dry strength agents are natural polymers such as starch and its modifications (such as cationic starch, anionic starch), synthetic polymers such as polyacrylamide, glyoxal polyacrylamide and polyvinyl alcohol, and other water-soluble natural product type dry strength agent.

2. At the same time, the dry strength agent has a certain improvement effect on the sheet forming process. The dry strength agent acts as a high-efficiency dispersant at this time, that is, the dry strength agent makes the fiber distribution in the pulp more uniform, providing more fibers and fibers and high intermolecular bonding, thereby increasing dry strength.

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