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Important Three Elements During Slurry Beating

Slurry beating is an essential process during waste paper pulping, which can determine the paper quality and normal operation of paper making machine. The main three conditions in the process of slurry beating are: slurry concentration, the angle of slurry (beating degree) and the ratio of slurry.

Slurry Concentration

The instability of slurry concentration will inevitably affect the fluctuation of the quantitative amount of paper. In severe cases, the paper machine may be broken and can’t be normally copied. There are several factors affecting the instability of slurry concentration: 1) Change in the concentration of the puree; 2) Concentration adjustment of the beating process; 3) Loss of pulp concentration; 4) Influence of instability of white water system.

Degree Of Beating

There are many factors affecting the degree of beating. The main ones are specific pressure, concentration, throughput, time, temperature, and blade etc. If a certain link is not well mastered, it will affect the quality of pulp.

The Ratio Of Slurry

The ratio of slurry depends on factors such as the characteristics of the raw materials, pulping method, the performance of paper machine, the variety of paper, and the quality requirements.

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