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Install Pulping Equipment Bale Breaker

The demand for waste paper is increasing and most of the paper mills adopt it as raw material to produce different types of paper. To allow customers to get more profits, our company provides pulp equipment bale breaker. The bale breaker can crush and screen waste paper with high efficiency, low cost and stable operation.

Bale Breaker Details

1. During the waste paper crushing and sorting process, loose waste paper may be discharged from the outlet to expose some larger debris.
2. After the operation of the bale breaker, the feeding method of the hydrapulper is changed from the whole bundle or bundle feeding mode to the continuous and uniform feeding of loose waste paper. Save energy, stabilize solution concentration and improve working efficiency.
3.Reduce impurities entering the pulp system from the source and effectively obtain high quality pulp. And removing impurities reduces wear on subsequent equipment.

In addition bale breaker, we also provide complete set of pulping machinery. These machine can help you reduce costs. If you have any questions about pulp equipment bale breaker, our professionals will answer your questions.
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