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Paper Machine Press Section Dehydration Influence Factors


Paper machine press section is mainly for wet paper sheet dehydration, but there are some factors will influence paper machine press section dehydration.

Press Section Dehydration Influence Factors

Press pressure: According to press mechanism, the press pressure first causes the water in paper sheet to enter the felt, and then dehydrate horizontally or vertically through the felt. Thus, the influence factor of dehydration firstly is the press pressure added to wet paper and felt in press section. Press dewatering efficiency is proportional to press pressure, and increases with line pressure index.

Moisture content of felt into press section: According to research results, it is proved that the wet paper dryness out press area is closely related to the moisture content of felt into press area, and the smaller moisture content of the felt into press area, the greater dryness of paper sheet out press area.

Paper dryness into press zone: Before entering press zone, moisture content of the paper is closely related to pressed paper dryness. Therefore, several times of dehydration occurs when the dryness is not reached. Each felt is equipped with felt vacuum box to ensure that reduce moisture content of felt after washing.

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