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Paper Machine Pressure Screen Manufacturer

For paper mill project, we supply paper machine pressure screen, namely inflow pressure screen. As a manufacturer, we provide all kinds of equipment in paper production line.

Paper Machine Pressure Screen Manufacturer Details

1. Paper machine pressure screen
Equipment: inflow pressure screen
Application: used for fine pulping and screening process before paper machine.
Concentration of input pulp: 0.4 – 0.8%
Production capacity: 25 – 1400t/d
Advantages: no fiber hitching, safe running, lwss malfunctions, low maintenance cost, energy saving performance, etc.
2. Leizhan manufacturer
Experience: 40 years
Machine: whole paper making line machinery, chain conveyor, bale breaker, pulper, cleaner, pressure screen, refiner, agitator, paper machine and spare parts, etc.
Certification: ISO, CE, BV, etc.

About paper machine pressure screen, you will get great price from our company. And we can give you high-speed delivery and professional service in paper pulping and paper making line.

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