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Paper Making Approach System


Approach System is the basic process in paper pulping and paper making process, the approach system unreasonable design will directly affect the paper making, resulting in the paper banner unevenness, the vertical quantitative instable, the paper hole and so on. So what’s the approach system function and how it process?

Approach System Equipment

The Approach System main equipment includes: headbox, pulse decay tank, conical cleaner, fan pump, pressure screen, dilution water device, proportioning pulp pipe, pulp pool and other related equipment.

Pulp Approach System Function

1. The mixture pulp add white water diluted into suitable concentration and flow for paper making, and then convey the pulp after screening and cleaning into the headbox.

2. The short circulation system is the key that whether the pulp can be delivered to the headbox with a stable concentration, flow rate, uniformity, and no pulsation.

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