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Paper Mill 100T/18H OCC Pulp Making Line

OCC is widely applied in pulping in paper mills. Leizhan  company is strictly committed to excellent product quality and provides customers with complete sets of OCC pulping equipment. Customers speak highly of our low cost and high return pulping equipment. More details below.

OCC Pulp Making Line Introduction

Raw material: OCC
Production capacity: 100T/18H
OCC Pulping Line: d type hydrapulper-high density cleaner-inclined screen-first stage coarse screen-light impurity separator-reject separator-first stage low density cleaner-2 low density cleaner-3 low density cleaner-fine screen -inclined screen-pulp chest agiataor- double disc refiner-inclined screen

Leizhan company has rich experience in the paper industry, and our company’s OCC pulping equipment has been sold to many paper mills around the world. And our OCC pulping equipment can also help you make huge profits. Welcome to contact us to purchase OCC pulping equipment.

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