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Paper Mill Waste Paper Recycling Process

In the waste paper recycling process, more and more paper mill’s  customers purchase our waste paper recycling equipment. This is because our waste paper recycling machine have the advantages of lower cost, less maintenance, more efficient, stable operation and maximize your benefits.

Waste Paper Recycling Overview

Pulping process: waste paper conveying, pulping, screening, refining, cleaning.
End product: kraft/corrugated/testliner/fluting paper, etc.
Pulping: The waste paper is transported to a hydrapulper, where chemicals and hot water are added to the equipment. The mixture can be smooth continuous pulp and coarse screen with high consistency.
Screening: Waste paper pulp can be screened coarsely and finely on a pressure screen.
Cleaning: The pulp in the hydrapulper flows into the high density cleanerto remove various heavy impurities such as staples, stones, glass, etc. The low density cleaner is mainly applied to remove heavy impurities in the pulp, such as gravel, leftovers, dust and large ink particles.
Production capacity: design according to your need

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