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Paper Pulp Bleaching Process

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Pulp made by chemical and mechanical methods called unbleached pulp, the unbleached pulp has a certain color (usually yellow or brown). In order to meet the requirements of the use of paper quality, the pulp must be bleached, so that the paper has a high whiteness. Paper pulp bleaching process is by using appropriate bleach through the oxidation, reduction or decomposition reaction to dissolve the residual lignin in the pulp, or in the case of remain lignin to make the colored material fade.

Why Need Pulp Bleaching Process?

To make high quality paper, pulp is required that does not discolour during storage or go yellow when exposed to sunlight, and also retains its strength. The paper pulp bleaching meet all the requirements and also has the advantage of improving absorption capacity, removing small pieces of bark or wood left behind as well as giving a high level of purity.

Bleaching Equipment H.C. Bleaching Tower

H.C. Bleaching Tower is mainly used for deinking pulp, groundwood pulp or other kinds of pulp high concentration hydrogen peroxide bleaching.

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