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300T/24H Fluting Paper Machine

For pulp and paper making industry, pulping system line and paper making machine are essential equipments to manufacture new paper. Only by using professional paper machinery, can we achieve the purpose of papermaking. And 300T/24H Fluting Paper Machine is a high efficient equipment for fluting paper producing.

Fluting Paper Machine Technical Parameters

Raw material: waste paper pulp, chemical wheat straw pulp

Product kind: High-strength fluting paper, package paper

Basis weight: 100~150g/m2

Net paper width: 4400mm

Working speed: 450~550m/min

design speed: 600m/min

Balance speed: 700m/min

Gauge: 4350mm

Production capacity: 300t/d

Transmission mode: AC variable-frequency division transmission

Transmission power: 2516kw

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