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Pneumatic Scraper In Papermaking Process

The scraper consists of pneumatic thumb, scraper body and swinging device. The pressurization of the scraper is accomplished by pressurizing and depressurizing the two pneumatic tires of pneumatic thumb. The scraper body is used to fix the pneumatic thumb, and it must have sufficient rigidity and straightness.

Paper Machine Pneumatic Scraper

In order to protect the roll surface better , the scraper needs to be oscillated at a constant speed. Depending on the environment, the swing device has both pneumatic and electric options. To facilitate the roll change, a larger space can be added to the blade body by the rotation of cylinder.

Double Pneumatic Single Scraper

1. The airbag can make the blade and roller contact at any point very balanced, preventing the roller from being scratched.

2. Adjust the pressure of air supply through the pressure reducing valve to make the line pressure effectively controlled.

3. The thickness of blade can be freely selected from 1mm to 6mm, and the blade is easy to replace.

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