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Pressure Screen For Waste Paper Recycle Project

The pressure screen can be used as the host of modern chemical pulp “closed thermal screening” production process, and it can also be used as a fine screening for coarse sereen of chemical pulp, waste paper pulp, mechanical pulp and other pulping processes.

How To Maintain Pressure Screen

First of all, the relevant parts of the paper pressure screen must be cleaned frequently. During production, those processed material residues can easily accumulate due to untimely cleaning. Regular cleaning is a necessary step to ensure better work of the pressure screen.

The second is to regularly overhaul the relevant parts of the pressure screen. Because related parts are extremely likely to wear or loose, regular maintenance work is also indispensable.

Third, when carrying out related cleaning work on the pressure screen, special attention should also be paid to the use of auxiliary agents such as cleaning agents and scale inhibitors. For example, when selecting, it is necessary to choose a suitable set of instruments additives.

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