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Reasons For Uneven Dewatering Of Press


During papermaking, uneven dehydration may occur in the pressing process, why would this happen and what are the main reasons for the uneven dewatering of pressing? Generally speaking, there are four reasons: Medium and high error of pressure roller. Changes in press operating conditions. Changes in the performance of press felt. Quantitative unevenness of wire section.

Medium And High Error Of Pressure Roller

Calculate the medium-high amount of the compensation press, or the medium-high curve shape of the press roll is not correctly ground, resulting in uneven contact between the two rolls.

Changes In Press Operating Conditions

The medium to high amount of pressure roller only corresponds to a certain line pressure. Once the load of the pressure roller changes, the original medium and high volume of the pressing cannot be adapted to it, resulting in unevenness of the pressure roller and uneven distribution of paper web.

Changes In The performance Of Press Felt

In the production, after the blanket is used for a period of time, the thickness of the full pair is often inconsistent due to uneven wear, resulting in uneven dewatering of the felt.

Quantitative Unevenness Of Wire Section

Uneven water distribution on the press paper will cause uneven moisture in the outlet. In this case, looking for the reason at wire part and solve it.

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