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Reeling In Paper Production Line

The main technical parameter needs to be controlled is creping rate during reeling paper. The size of creping rate is related to the thickness and wrinkles of produced paper, and the control of creping rate is mainly achieved by changing severance difference.

Reeling Flow

1. After setting the speed difference, calculate linear speed of reeling cylinder based on the linear speed of dryer cylinder, convert the linear speed into the rotation speed according to the diameter of reeling cylinder, and send it to the reeling cylinder start control unit of transmission part.

2. In addition, the instantaneous rotation speed feedback is obtained from the encoder of reeling cylinder drive motor, and correct output signal, so that the rotation speed of reeling cylinder is continuously close to the set value, and the purpose of controlling copy speed difference is achieved.

As long as clearly understand the purpose of control and select suitable and stable parameters from a variety of control ideas to meet the requirements of paper making process, it is certain to make good paper.

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