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Refiner For Waste Paper Pulping

Refiner consists of refining chamber, transmission structure, base, and electric motor. The slurry enters the center of grinding zone from two feeding pipes, passes through grinding zone under the effect of centrifugal force and feed pressure, and the pulping process is completed by kneading of sprocket in grinding zone.

Machine Features

1. Grinding fineness can reach 80-100 mesh.

2. The common material structure and honing can solve the leakage problem of equipment.

3. Well-designed honing can make the slurry smoothly active, less material accumulation and convenient to organize.

4. The rolling distance conditioning organization, convenient conditioning, locking and reliable.

5. The specially prepared edible sand tablets have high output capacity.

6. Clean and sanitary, the whole process flow path from feeding, grinding to discharging is made of all stainless steel; and the base is also made of stainless steel.

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