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Small Scale Paper Making Machine

There are many cilents start paper making project, so our company supply small scale paper making machine for paper project. With our machines, the overall input has decreased and making paper production more profitable. As a professional supplier, we focus on pulp and paper industry over 40 years.

Small Scale Paper Making Machine Specification

Small scale kraft/testliner paper machine: 1880mm, 80gsm, 45t/d;
Small scale corrugated/fluting paper machine: 1575mm, 60gsm, 15t/d;
Small scale cultural paper machine: 1880mm, 40gsm, 20t/d;
Small scale toilet/tissue/napkin paper machine: 1575mm, 13gsm, 5t/d;
Small scale coating board paper machine: 2400mm, 200gsm, 200t/d;
Small bobbin paper machine: 1575mm, 350gsm, 50t/d;

If you want set a paper mill, we can supply you excellent paper making machine. Welcome email us for price.
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