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Waste Carton Paper Recycling Line Machinery

If you want to use waste carton as raw material for making paper, we can provide you with full sets of waste carton recycling and pulping equipment with high quality, low price. Recently, the customer purchased our complete waste carton paper recycling production line machinery and we shipped the order on time according to the contract.

Waste Carton Recycling Machinery

Raw material: waste carton paper
Finished product: paper pulp, corrugated paper, kraft paper, tissue paper, etc
Production capacity: design according to your need
Carton paper recycling line
D type hydrapulperhigh density cleaner-inclined screen-first stage coarse screen-light impurity separatorreject separator-first stage low density cleaner-second stage low density cleaner-third stage low density cleaner-fine screen -inclined screen-pulp chest agiataordouble disc refiner-inclined screen

As a trusted partner in the pulp and paper industry, we are committed to technology and innovation to bring greater benefits to our customers. If you have any questions about waste carton recycling and pulping, please feel free to contact us at your free time. Our email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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