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Waste Paper Recycling Plant Cost

In recent years, international focus on environmental protection as waste paper recycling is becoming a trend. For this, more and more people from paper mill has adopted our waste paper recycling plant, which has competitive cost and high quality.

Waste Paper Recycling Plant Cost & Details

1. Raw material: various kinds of waste paper, such as OCC, AOCC, LOCC, etc.
2. Suitable for paper project
Kraft paper making line, corrugated paper production line, paper board line, office paper project, tissue paper mill project, etc.
Production capacity: 15 – 750t/d
3. Waste paper recycling plant
Our complete waste paper recycling line plant contains waste paper conveying machine, pulping, screening, cleaing, deinking and refining equipment.
Chain conveyor, bale breaker, pulper, cleaner, pressure screen, refiner, deinking machine, etc.
4. Cost: less price, cost-effective, negotiable

For paper making line, our waste paper recycling plant benefits perfectly for customers. After using it, they got excellent effect and reduced cost. Do you need its quotation?

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