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3500mm Headbox For Paper Making


The basic configuration of 3500mm headbox is a square cone tube, a stepped orifice plate slurry, a double homogenization roller rectification, and a squeezing lip sizing device with an upright lip.

Homogenizing Roller

Quantity: 2 x 2

Specifications: Φ245×3496, wall thickness 4mm

Material: Cold drawn stainless steel tube

Main structure: double spiral line hole, hole chamfering, opening rate throat 40%, mouth roller 50%, equipped with variable speed drive (inverter control).

Lip Device

Quantity: 2 sets

Material: Acid-resistant stainless steel plate

Main structure: The upper lip is connected to the box with a special double joint structure, so that the upper lip is opened on the upper and lower sides, and the upper lip has an upright lip and a banner fine-tuning device displayed by a dial indicator (fine pitch is 120-130mm).

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