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Paper Machine 4200/450 Sizing Machine

4200/450 Sizing Machine is a paper machine spare part that also has an essential influence on paper making. Our customer ordered this machine some time ago, so an delivery is arranged to abroad by Leizhan. Some detailed technical specification about sizing machine is as follows.

Sizing Machine Corollary Equipment

1. Threading paper system

Quantity: one

Paper feeding form: two rope transfer

Drive mode: Adopt independent drive paper feeding method.

Tension form: cylinder tension, stroke 1000mm, total tension is 2000mm, rope tension is 25Kg (self-prepared by the paper rope)

Feeder wheel material: The small rope wheel is cast iron.

2. Sizing supply device

Spray hose: two

Material: stainless steel tube, nozzle spacing 500mm, nozzle diameter 1/2 inch

sizing stopper plate: cylinder movement

3. Transmission department

It is equipped with motor, hardened surface reducer, drive shaft and coupling, and foundation plate with foundation bolts. Motor power:45KW×2

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