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2100mm Writing Paper Making Project

Writing paper is necessary in our daily life, it’s produced by cultural paper machine, which is a big project during the paper making. Leizhan supply 2100mm writing paper making machine for paper plant to produce capacity of 10t/d writing paper.

Paper Machine Tech Para

Raw material: Wood pulp

Output paper: Writing paper, Cope paper, A4 Printing paper, etc.

Basis weight:70-80g/m²

Net paper width: 2100mm

Design speed: 80m/min

Working speed: 60m/min

Product capacity: 10t/d

Drive way: AC variable frequency, section drive

Paper Machine Main Part

Headbox section-Fourdrinier forming section-Press section-Dryer section-Sizing section-Dryer group section-Calander-Reeling machine-Rewinder

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