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230TD Culture Paper Making Equipment


There are many important steps in the process of paper making, which mainly includes turn waste paper into fine pulp, and then transport these fine slurry to paper making machine to form paper web, finally become finished paper and paper roll. And 230TD culture paper making equipment is an advanced machine which can turn waste paper to treasure.

Culture Paper Machine Basis Information

Product paper: culture paper, A4 copy paper, printing paper

Basis weight: 50~80g/m2

Net paper width: 3520mm

Wire width: 4100mm

Working speed: 800m/min

design speed: 1000m/min

Balance speed: 1200m/min

Gauge: 4850mm

Production capacity: 230t/d

Transmission mode: AC variable-frequency division transmission

Transmission power: 3233kw

From paper pulping to paper making, Leizhan can supply all equipments to process waste paper, and provide advanced paper machine for paper mill. Any question or demand, be free to contact: leizhanpulper@gmail.com.

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