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Boiler Daily Maintenance In Paper Product

During the use of boiler, the water temperature and water level probe should be cleaned regularly, and the descaling should be checked regularly; the boiling water furnace should regularly clear the boiling water outlet of the furnace body and the water outlet pipe and the water nozzle. At the same time, there must discharge at least once a day.

How To Realize Maintain

1. Pressure gauge, water level gauge, safety valve, sewage device, water supply valve, steam valve, etc, check whether the performance meets the requirements, and whether other valves are in a good condition.
2. The automatic control device system, including the flame detector, water level, water temperature detection, alarm device and various interlocking devices, display control system and other performance status meet the requirements.
3. Whether the water supply system includes the water level of water storage tank, water supply temperature, and water treatment equipment.
4. Whether the fuel combustion system, including fuel reserve, transmission line, combustion equipment, ignition equipment, fuel cut-off device, oil pump, etc meets the requirements.
5. If Ventilation system, including blast, induced draft fan, adjustment door and gate opening, ventilation ducts, etc are in good condition.

Discharge Process

1.Before the discharge, the water level of boiler is at a normal high water level, and the boiler pressure is carried out at 0.1-0.2MPA. After the sewage valve is opened, it is closed rightly, and then opened again after shutting down. This is repeated several times, and the water level is at a normal low. Remember not to empty the boiler.
2.Safety accessories such as pressure gauges and safety valves of boilers should be periodically checked to ensure their reliability.
3.After the horizontal fuel boiler is continuously operated for 12 months, open the smoke box door to clean the dust in the furnace or the pipe, check whether the smoke box cement is falling off, and then repair it.
4.Clean and paint the rust of exposed parts such as the base at least once a year. The furnace maintenance is divided into wet method and drying maintenance. For boilers that have no head holes or have not been shut down for a long time, the wet method is should be used. For those with holes or for longer furnaces, should be adopt drying maintenance.

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