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Causes Of Paper Machine Quantitative Fluctuations

The horizontal quantitative fluctuation of paper refers to the quantitative fluctuation perpendicular to the running direction of the paper machine. Most of these fluctuations are caused by the paper machine equipment. In practice, the horizontal direction of the paper machine is called CD (Cross Direction).

Reasons For Quantitative Fluctuations

(1) Concentration change of mixed pulp
(2) The pulper concentration is too low, and it is out of control in the paper machine part
(3) Turbulence of white water level
(4) Paper machine diluted white water loss
(5) Fluctuation of headbox liquid level
(6) Purge pump sucks air from impeller shaft seal
(7) Overflow of volt-loss pool is too large
(8) Fluctuation of flow from feed to headbox
(9) Changes in retention aid flow

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