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Copy Paper Making Line Machine

Copy/writing/notebook/office paper are widely adopted in offices, schools, etc. There are some clients that start copy paper making line. Because they know the value that our copy paper making line machine can bring customers choose to cooperate with us.

Copy Paper Making Line Details

Chain conveyor–Drum pulper PLC control automatic control system-High density cleaner-1st stage coarse pressure screen-Reject separator-Closed multi-stage flotation cell-Closed multi-stage flotation cell PLC automatic control system-1st low density cleaner I-2 Class low density cleaner I-Low density cleaner II-Low density cleaner III-Low density cleaner IV-1st stage fine press screen-2nd stage fine press screen-3rd stage fine press screen-High speed stock washer–Double disc refiner

Leizhan is a professional manufacturer and supplier of copy paper making line machine, if you are interested in our copy paper making line, please email us for more information.
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