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Cylinder Mould Paper Machine Maintenance


Cylinder mould paper machine is also widely used in paper industry, so what should to do for cylinder mould paper machine maintenance?

1. For cylinder mould paper machine, when cylinder mould used for too long, it will have an impact, especially paper machine copper roller stiffness is not good, then run a long time will lead to local changes in paper machine cylinder mould, resulting in wire surface is bending and concave uneven, and then cause paper unevenly, while increasing the paper machine speed, but also make the wet paper sticking on the upper felt by the pressure roller pressure, cause paper disease, so for the paper machine, especially cylinder mould paper machine, must always repair or replace new cylinder mould copper roller.

2. The cylinder mould of cylinder mould paper machine used for a long time, may also cause the deformation of cylinder mould frame and the damage of cylinder mould spokes. Therefore, for cylinder mould paper machine, the cylinder mould spokes must be calibrated, and finally regularly measure cylinder mould horizontal run-in, as well as its maintenance and found out cylinder mould paper making problems, timely maintenance, to ensure the normal operation of copper wire to prevent damage to the copper wire and so on.

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