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Effect Of Pulp Concentration On Pulping


In paper pulping process of paper recycling line, different pulp concentration has different effect on pulping, so what’s the effect of pulp concentration on pulping?

Pulp Concentration Effect On Pulping

1. Low consistency pulping: Mainly by doctor blade directly on the fiber impact, shearing, crushing and friction, low consistency pulping uniformity is poor, and produce more cutting, when the pulp concentration is lower than 10%, appropriately increasing the pulping concentration can reduce the cutting of fibers, promote the squeezing and curlating action between the fibers, and is beneficial to the dispersion, embossing and fibrillation of the fibers, and is suitable for playing the sticky pulp;

2. Medium consistency pulping: There is a huge internal friction between the fibers, which causes the outer layer of fiber primary wall P and secondary wall S1 to be broken. The fibers are torn in the longitudinal direction, fibrillation, and the fiber length is reduced and get a good fine fibration, fiber binding force and paper strength increased significantly, paper sheet has a good split length and elongation, high efficiency of medium consistency pulping, low energy consumption;

3. High consistency pulping: The frictional heat generated during the pulping process softens the pulp, which facilitates the pulp dissociation. The beating degree rises slowly during the beating process, good drainability, high tearing, but for long fibers, the fibers cannot be severely cut during the high consistency pulping process and the pulp is easily flocculated.

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