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H.C. Hydrapulper Operation Tips


H.C. Hydrapulper is mainly for paper pulping in paper making process, there are some h.c. hydrapulper operation tips in paper pulping process.

H.C. Hydrapulper Equipment Operation

Firstly to fill stuffing box with sealing water, inject 50% hot water volume of the tank, input drugs and raw materials; Start the motor, gradually pull into the raw materials, add hot water to the required amount, so that the pulp can achieve proper concentration, and control the distance of highest liquid surface from the edge of slurry groove; When dissociation is end, must continue to let the rotor running, water to dilute, and discharge pulp.

H.C. Hydrapulper Equipment Tips

1. When there is a power outage or other special situation causing the hydrapulper equipment to stop, must open the washing water in bottom of slurry plate to wash, discharge the slurry in the tank, avoid equipment to start in the case of pulp storage more than 1/2 volume, in order to prevent the burning of motor;

2. During operation, should check the bearing temperature frequently, whether the bolts are loose, the flanges and valves are leaking, whether the bearing is overheating, the current is too high and so on;

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