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How To Keep Paper Evenness In Paper Making Process?


Paper evenness relates to the finished paper quality in paper production line, so paper evenness is especially important, but how to keep paper evenness in paper making process?

Paper Evenness Improving Solution

1. Firstly should adjust the headbox curved plate well, and then increase the quantity of white water, improve the pulp level, appropriately add some dispersant. This can make the paper evenness to be more evenly.

2. Install pulp concentration adjusting device in pulp pipe of pulp pool in paper production line, adjust the paper machine water supply instrument, at the same time should be in the situation of same pulp concentration and paper machine speed, can keep basically consistent of paper thickness, better maintain the paper evenness in paper machine production line.

Culture Paper Making Machine

Paper Type: High-grade culture paper

Trimmed Width(mm): 1880-3750

Production Capacity(TPD): 20-270

Basic Weight Range(GSM): 40-80

Operating Speed(m/min): 200-1200

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