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Paper Machine Drive System


Paper machine drive system is the basic system to support paper machine all parts running, there are some paper machine sectional drive system common troubles to analyse.

Paper Machine Drive System Trouble Shooting

Judgment And Analysis Of Paper Machine Troubles

1. Firstly find the paper machine troubles parts and occuring phenomenon, analyze the reasons.

2. Secondly measured to confirm the the observed speed, electric current and other parameters, exclude indication error.

3. Thirdly carry out test to confirm the general range of electrical or mechanical failure.

Electrical Or Mechanical Troubles

1. Electrical Fault: May be related to line contact or communication interference and other failures. Including the inverter can not start, and the load does not exist stuck; Motor fever abnormalities, or even smoke, or the electric current is large and the motor does not running or torque is very small, it may be line fault or motor internal failure; Operation failure, acceleration and deceleration does not work; Load distribution imbalance, can be adjusted but the variation degree is instability.

2. Mechanical failure: Including: Bearing heat; Equipment rotation sound abnormalities, obvious cyclical sound and can observed mechanical cycle; Wire section common mechanical failure is the drive roll slip, load distribution is good times and bad, especially abnormal accelerate.

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