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Paper Machine Dryer Cylinder Type


Dryer cylinder is the key parts for drying paper sheet in paper machine dryer section, and the paper machine dryer cylinder can divide into single run type and double run type.

Dryer Cylinder Single Run Advantages

1. High total efficiency

2. Fully supported sheet run

3. Automated and ropeless tail threading

4. Ease of broke handling

5. Simple and functional design

6. Support after press and efficient runnability components produces high strain potential, low porosity and improved internal strength

7. Excellent runnability; Stability at high speeds; Efficient and simple operation

Dryer Cylinder Double Run

The advantages of dryer cylinder double run is compact structure, paper machine length is short. The disadvantage is that the paper haven’t attachment between the dryer cylinder, easy to paper broken, broken paper is not easy to deal with.

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