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Paper Machine Forming Section


Paper Machine Forming Section is the key section for pulp forming wet paper sheet, it directly influences the finished paper quality. So what factors influence the paper machine forming section?

What Forming Section Influence?

1. Evenness: A small quantitative change refers to the uniformity of the whole sheet. Good forming need to have the following pre-conditions: lower wire pulp concentration, proper retention rate, high pulp and wire part speed ratio, Moderate vacuum.

2. Tensile Strength Ratio: When the pulp through the headbox jet to the wire on forming, the pulp fiber began to arrange along the direction of machine. By changing the pulp and wire part speed difference, can control the pulp fiber arrangement direction. Pulp and wire part ratio is 0.98-1.02, the paper tensile strength is the minimum.

3. Retention Rate: Retention Rate refers to the raw material remain in the paper after the filter (fiber, small fibers, fillers, etc.), some raw materials lost through the wire. Retention rate depend on the quantify size.

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