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Paper Machine Headbox Notes


Headbox is the most important part of paper machine, when paper machine headbox start to work, some notes need to pay attention.

1. Check whether large pieces of hard objects blocked in the bundle.

2. Check whether the seal cushion is reliable, especially need to note when washing, do not punch it out of the groove. When the various parts is closure, need to observe whether the sealing cushion in the working position.

3. When flushing the balance chamber and the floating plate with high-pressure water, do not make the water column facing each sensing element.

4. Thoroughly cleaned the lower lip before new machine working, pay attention to that when the upper lip in cleaning, don’t encountered with hard objects, when necessary, to clean with weak acid.

5. When working, the lip opening can not be too large, depending on the ability of the fan pump and wire section. Long time down (above 4 hours) to stop the thermal compensation, if less than 4 hours, make it manual operation, set a suitable temperature, generally 39℃ can be.

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