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Paper Machine In Paper Making Process


For high quality paper making, there also are some machines needed in paper making process, such as: calender machine, rewinder machine, slitting machine, coating machine and so on. Here are some details about the machines in paper making process.

Paper Mill Machine

Calender Machine: After calendering of calendering machine can improve the paper smoothness, gloss and tightness, so that the full paper sheet with same thickness, and reduce air permeability. There also have supercalender, it is similar to the calender structure, but the roller is more, the pressure between the rollers is larger. Super calender is divided into two kinds of general writing paper, printing paper using and industrial technology paper using.

Rewinder Machine: The papermaking paper edge is irregular after calendering, the rewinder machine is needed for the printing needs or other needs to rewind required width paper.

Slitting Machine: Cut the roll paper into flat paper. It can divide into single cutter and double cutter. The paper is fed from the bottom of the carrier roller into the slitting machine, first longitudinal slit, then transverse slit.

Coating Machine: coating with special surface layer on the paper to improve printing, moisture protection and other properties, according to the structure can be divided into airblade coating machine, mixed coating machine and doctor blade coating machine.

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