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Paper Machine Operation Influence Factors


Wet end chemistry is one of the influence factors for paper machine operation, the impact of wet end chemistry on paper machine mainly in following areas:

1. Pulp Drainability

Drainability is an important property in paper making machine operation. The degree of paper drainage will be affected by the flocculation of the fibers and fibers and the fine fibers and fine fibers, and if the resulting flocs are large and porous, the pulp will become viscous and impede the passage of water, thereby reducing drainage.

2. Precipitation And Scaling

Precipitation and scaling often occur during run-off wet end chemistry, excessive use of common chemical additives, charge imbalances, chemical incompatible, and chemical equilibrium instability, all of which can cause paper machine to produce precipitation and scaling. There are many ways to clean precipitation and scaling, but the best way to find out the cause of loss to correct it.

3. Foam Formation

Wood fibers contain substances that stabilize the air into the pulp(some chemical additives can do the same), reducing the water-drainage of the pulp, producing sticks and foams. If this happens, the best way is to find cause and eliminate it. If this is impossible, it can generally be eliminated by mechanical and chemical methods. In this case, wet-end chemistry is less effective.

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