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Paper Machine Press Section Break


In paper machine press section may occures paper sheet break, so what’s the reason of paper machine press section break and how to deal with it?

Paper Machine Press Section Break Reasons

1. There are contaminants such as resin, glue and fine fiber in the local position of press roller, or doctor blade is not strict, the wet paper sheets are sticked together or broken.

2. Guiding felt local is seriously polluted, dehydration is not good, paper crushing, resulting in broken ends.

3. Vacuum degree of vacuum suction roll is low or vacuum chamber angle is inappropriate, leading to paper leading difficulties.

4. The paper moisture into the press section is high, quantitative is small, wet strength is lower, easy to break out of two or three press roller.

5. Needle trimming is not good or felt line breaks, resulting in paper sheet break.

Paper Machine Press Section Break Solution

1. Doctor blade and press roller surface must be straightly contacted, the surface dirt should try to remove, unscrupulous doctor blade must be replaced. The water is replaced by dryer condensate for washing felt, after washing the felt, break number will greatly reduced. It is also possible to wash the felt with chemical detergent.

2. If the suction roller seal leakage and vacuum chamber angle is inappropriate, changing the roller.

3. Increase the quantitative and couch roller wet sheet dryness, increase wet strength.

4. Increase the water pressure of squirt or water needle, early cut off felt swinging.

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