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Paper Pulping Methods

Paper Pulping Methods

Leizhan with 37 years paper pulping experience is famous and leading in the paper industry, professional service are always provided for customers. For waste paper pulping different pulping methods can be used in paper pulping process. There are some methods for paper pulping.

Different Paper Pulping Methods

1. Chemical Pulping: With chemical liquid cooking material, chemical agents react with lignin to produce water-soluble material at high temperatures so that fiber separates and disperses into slurry.

Chemical Pulping Feature: Generally retains the natural length of the fiber, removes most of the lignin and can be used to produce high strength and softness high-grade paper. But low yield pulp, high pollution.

2. Mechanical Pulping: The material is dispersed into fibers by mechanical friction, shearing, tearing, cutting and so on.

Mechanical Pulping Feature: High yield pulp, no pollution. Due to the retention of all the ingredients (mixed cells, lignin) and the cutting of the fiber, paper strength is low, crisp, drift yellow.

3. Chemical Mechanical Pulping: First processing raw materials with mild chemical, then grinding into slurry.

Chemical Mechanical Pulping Feature: Two stage pulping, including chemical pretreatment and mechanical post-treatment.

4. Biological Pulping: The wood chips are pretreated with microorganisms or their products (enzymes) and then pulping by mechanical or chemical mechanical methods.

Biological Pulping Feature: Selectively decompose the lignin in the raw material and minimize the loss of carbohydrates as much as possible. Thereby reducing the grinding energy consumption, reducing waste water pollution, improving pulp strength.

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